Places to go, part two

My two favorite fast foods in the area are Chick-Fil-A  and Bojangles  * .  Chick-Fil-A's delicately breaded nuggets taste like they've been marinated in savory chicken broth. The waffle fries will pass and are not the real reason for going.  Bojangles is similar to Popeyes - creole spicy fried wings and nice biscuits.

An excellent museum to go to is the Duke Nasher Art Muesum  * .  They will be featuring an exhibit, El Greco to Velazquez the same weekend.  The architect of the museum is Rafael Vinoly  based in New York City.  Many of our friends have done a stint working at Rafael's grueling and arguably rewarding work environment.

Another museum is the North Carolina Museum of Art  * ; the addition and grounds were designed by Smith-Miller Hawkinson  * , professors at my alma mater, in collaboration with Quennell Rothschild and Partners  * .

For those of you who love plants, the North Carolina Botanical Garden is a nice place to visit.

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