Mirror, mirror

Nara discovered that our blanket had some rips in it. Her solution was to make a long, long, long, long dress with it and enact a conversation in the mirror across the bed that involved a princess.

Hawaii Thanksgiving 2013

All the grandkids were able to meet up together for the first time. We hadn’t seen Vincent since he was just a cute chubby 5 month old. And now he is 2.5 years! Nara loved hanging out with Maddie and Neila every day. We fortuitously were able to celebrate Ama’s 71st birthday – the first time Erich and I had actually seen her on her birthday in literally decades and this time with all the grandkids.

East Hamptons

We packed up Sept 27th to allow the floor contractors refinish our floors. Spent a day in a hotel recuperating from a stomach bug that hit John, Nara and Otto the night before, then head out to Cat and Joel’s house for a week stay. We love it there – they did a really nice job renovating and I got a taste of some quality handiwork.

Chinese Flash Cards

Nara is shy about speaking in Mandarin in front of people outside daycare. But when Ama and Akon zonked out on the couch from jetlag, she speaks! Then I got a bit of documentation of John and Otto having some bonding time.